Friday, January 14, 2011

I think I might leave it to the Experts

For Christmas my cousin Yens gave me a box full of Chocolate Crinkles, Ginger Shorts and Palmiers to enjoy. Having a sheet of Butter Puff left over and feeling inspired I decided to try making Palmiers of my own. I brushed the remaining sheet with melted butter, sprinkled Cinnamon and two tablespoons of sugar and then rolled the two edges to form a scroll shape. I then chilled the pastry in the fridge before slicing them with a serrated knife. I was left with this:

I think placed the pastry into the oven and produced a small tray of Palmiers. I enjoyed a couple with my mug of green tea.

They were pleasant but nowhere as nice as the ones Yens produced. I think I'll leave it to the expert for now. :)


  1. I always leave it to the experts, they give such great advice but it's fun when you can do it at home yourself. You're are much prettier to look at then mine. <a href=">This</a> is the recipe I used. I'm sure yours will be delicious next time.