Sunday, January 9, 2011

Biscotti: An Addict's Story

It's back to work this week and while two our of three local coffee shops are still on holidays, Bryce of Cafe Amaretto is hard at work delivering coffee to the addicts. Cafe Amaretto has a number of advantages, they offer a range of fantastic lunch options, are friendly and reside right next door. This of course has been extremely advantageous with the heavy rain. However they do not stock another one of my addictions, Biscotti. So subscribing to Plato's philosophy of, "necessity is the mother of invention," I decided to make my own. After a quick Google search I settled on this recipe on

The recipe worked as intended and I've now got a lovely jar of Biscotti. I suspect it will be gone soon with my Mother nibbling away. If there is three things I can say, it's (a) stay calm when make your dough. It doesn't feel pleasant, it's sticky and hard to mould but it will yield results. (b) Keep the Biscotti in the oven just a little bit longer, during the final bake. You really want to Biscotti to be nice and crisp. (c) With no butter, no milk and just a handful of ingredients, they are just a breeze to make. So huzzah for Biscotti! I'm a satisfied addict ... for now ...

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