Saturday, January 29, 2011

Australia Day Delivers

Australia Day proved to be extremely enlightening for me as I discovered a number of wonderful foodie treats and I thought I would share.

  • Rekorderlig: At Renee's Australia Day Barbecue I met the cutest couple - Nikki and Luke. Nikki brought along a bottle of Strawberry-Lime Rekorderlig Cider and offered us a taste and it was full of fruity summer sweetness. Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider and retails for $7 for 500ml. MasterChef Magazine agrees with me (or were paid a lot of money) as they mentioned the product in one of their sections.

  • Hanh White: Renee was recently crowned as a Hanh White Summer Ambassador and had on hand a carton for the group to trial. Hanh White is a Belgium style beer served with a slice of orange. It has a distinctive cinnamon taste.

  • Maggie Beer Cabernet Sauce: At Christmas I was gifted with a kit containing a bottle of wine, quince paste and cabernet sauce. I'm already a convert to Maggie Beer's range of fruit pastes, but have never tried cabernet sauce. I marinated some lamb cutlets in it and it was amazing! Surprisingly didn't burn, gave the lamb a gorgeous colour and a lovely sweet taste. I've also since used it on a mini roast, but I prefer the more dainty cuts as you receive a geniune feel of how the product should taste.

  • Chevrette: While I hopped around New Farm the rest of the family headed to Maleny and made the pilgrimage to Colin James. My brother returned with a wedge of Chevrette and like Chevre it has a distinctive punchy goat's cheese taste, however it is firm, smooth and quite salty. It slices well but I wouldn't recommend it as an eating cheese. It did make a fantastic sandwich in conjunction with sourdough bread, left over roast lamb and rocket.

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