Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flock It

If you have popped around my place you will know we have a lovely flock of Muscovy Ducks and Chickens that reside in the backyard. They live in the large pen but are released regularly to fossick, which is a lovely sight to behold as they scurry out in delight, tails wagging. The flock isn't just a pretty sight, they also lay eggs with brightly coloured yolks and a nice thick shell. Mum loves to salt the duck eggs for a traditional bamboo leaf wrapped parcel containing glutinous rice, bean, pork and eggs.

Could this be the chicken equivalent of photo bombing? Fanta has always had a lot of personality.

I've never been a tree hugger but on the occasion we have to buy eggs I have a inclination towards free range. Though you can never be exactly certain how these eggs are raised, you always hope the bird that egg came from was given a space larger than A4 piece of paper and was allowed to keep its beak and offered the opportunity to scratch, flap and socialise.

PLT (Precious Little Treasure), Fanta and Freedom the Greenie Activist search for grubs amongst the lawn clippings.

If you have the space, I highly recommend keeping your own flock. Poultry are cheap, great recyclers and an endless source of entertainment. I can't imagine a summer afternoon without a refreshing beverage in hand and the flock out on the lawn. The Brisbane City Council allows you a flock without a permit, however I can't be certain if this is the case in all regions so it's best to check with your local council before you embark on your own farming adventure. I highly recommend it if you have children as I hold grave fears that future generations will not know where their food comes from. Flock it now.

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