Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas over, time to kill Jesus

Christmas is over, time to kill Jesus and bring out the Hot Cross Buns. Not just any Hot Cross Bun ... Chocolate Hot Cross Buns! Last Easter I discovered these delicious morsels and decided to give to try make my own using this recipe from My Mum and little brother are pretty good at making bread but I've always been more focused on desserts. This is my first attempt so it's not going to be the most attractive thing ever made. Here is the dough and a roughly chopped block of 85% Lindt Dark Chocolate.

I then combined the dough and chocolate and left it to rest for one hour. It was a windy cool day in Brisbane so the dough took longer to rise.

I then kneaded the dough further and separated it into 16 pieces. Though I enjoy this stage, I'm terribly sentimental kind of soul and I feel like some kind of horrible person dividing friends. I have a strange connection with food, I always decapitate my gingerbread men to save them from suffering.

This is the dough after I piped the chocolate paste onto the top. I like the fact you can cheat by snipping a corner off a snap lock bag.

Here is the finished Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with a St. Dalfour Apricot Jam glaze (yes it's precise but its been my jam of choice for years). Though it was fun making my own Hot Cross Buns, I think this is one of the few cases where I prefer to head to a local bakery.

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