Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life Beyond Strawberry Pocky

One of my favourite Asian snack foods is Strawberry Pocky. Strawberry Pocky is a Japanese snack comprising of a thin biscuit stick traditionally coated in chocolate. Since its original introduction, the product has grown to include a number of varieties such as mousse, green tea, coconut and banana. The snack also has a number of seasonal variations and of these my favourite would have been lemon cheesecake! It was amazing so I can understand why this snack reached cult status. I have set out to ask the big question ... is there life beyond Strawberry Pocky?

The first product I tested was a bite sized Mille-Feuille inspired snack by Bourbon called Mille-Fers. Each square contains puff pastry, wafer and cream encased in a chocolate shell. Its actually quite pleasant when chilled in the fridge but is quite an expensive snack for the number of pieces you get in the box. I'd say this is a gift or a one off novelty event for your taste buds.

Meiji are the company behind these little mountain mushrooms (known as Kinoko No Yama) and Hello Pandas so it shouldn't come as any surprise that these biscuits taste deliciously similar. Though Hello Pandas are adorable, I actually enjoy these little fellows more as the biscuit isn't as dry or as crumbly. Meiji Kinoko No Yama are worth the purchase and make a delicious alternative to Strawberry Pocky. My Mother raised an interesting point that all these products are Japan and asked if they were safe to consume with fears of nuclear contamination. For those individuals who are concerned, the World Health Organisation is monitoring the situation carefully and has declared there is no risk. If your still wary ... well I also rate Irish Jaffa Cakes, so perhaps you need to look to your local Irish food supplier?

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