Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Know your Instant Noodle

If you moved out of home to attend university it is likely you spent your allowance on bulk boxes of Mi Goring and the rest on alcohol. Sadly being a rather straight laced university student, means I didn't get the opportunity to expand my instant noodle knowledge. Most of my instant noodle knowledge was accumulated while I was growing up but as I've gotten older, I've had little opportunity/desire to consume instant noodles. Thus I've gotten lazy and the only instant noodle variety I generally purchase is Nongshim's Kimchi Ramen. It's hot, savoury and as far away from health food as you can get. During our recent shopping adventure, my brother and I felt inspired and purchased a couple of different varieties and styles of noodle to road test.

Soba is a thin Japanese Noodle made from buckwheat and valued for its chewy texture. I was drawn to this variety as it promised to deliver me an instant hit of my favourite Soba. Though it looks unappetising and needs a little more work than the usual instant noodle, I can assure you it is quite tasty. It's lower in fat than our standard choice and you can have it served hot or cold ... well that is if you can read the Japanese instructions. My brother and I went with the hot option as we knew we couldn't fudge up the process of boiling water, adding a sachet and noodles.

Nongshim Potato Noodle Soup is a fine noodle comprising of two flavour sachets, one for the chili soup base and another for vegetable garnish. I really can't say I enjoyed it ... the noodles were rather slimy in texture and the flavour lacked punch.

The final Nongshim Udon was far more promising. Nice fat udon noodles, with a mild soup base and seafood and vegetable garnish. If you're after an instant udon hit on a rainy day, this will fill the void. Out of all the noodles, my brother and I agree that the Soba was our favourite. We will definately be adding those to our pantry.

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