Monday, April 4, 2011

Dolci Sapori

Tucked away in a set of shops on the busy intersection of Sandgate Gate and Junction Road is the delightful oasis of Dolci Sapori. Dolci Sapori has been baking traditional Italian sweets on the premise for years but the shop has recently undergone a facelift for the better. The counters have been lifted wtih a vibrant shade of blue and the well lift counters house a range of small sweet treats and savoury items like sandwiches and anichini. This cafe is a regular meeting point for catch ups with Mellie's gorgeous Mum and while she can never go past the gelati and I can move beyond the sweets cabinet, however one of these days I would like like to try their ragu anichini as the combination of crispy textures, soft saffron rice and moreish ragu sounds amazing.

Here is my sunday selection which includes Paste di Mandorla (a gorgeous almond paste offering with a crisp exterior and a citrus flavoured soft interior), Stelline (a star shaped fudgy chocolate and nut biscuit) and Cantuccini (orange, almond and chocolate). I highly recommend starting at the Paste di Mandorla and taking your taste buds around the cabinet. You won't be disappointed!

Rating: 3.5 out 5.
Address: 828 Sandgate Road, Clayfield, QLD 4011.
Open: Tuesday to Sunday: 7:30am - 6:00pm.
Phone: (07) 3262 2566.
Price: From $2.

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