Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ugly Pterodactyl Stage

A couple of weeks ago I brought home a box of six fluffy chicks. Well five weeks down the track and we are well into the Ugly Pterodactyl Stage. Scientists discourage the usage of the word 'Pterodactyl' as it refers to the genus Pterodactylus and instead advocate the usage of the term 'Pterosaur.' Pterosaur sounds rather plain so I will ignore scientific advice as decades of Marketing folk have.

Though this is a truly ugly developmental stage for chickens, it does reveal the gender. Souffle and Gertie have begun mock displays of dominance and this confirms they are unfortunately roosters. Roosters start to crow at 3am in the morning and hourly thereafter; they are also seasonally aggressive and thus few people will put up with a feisty rooster, unless they intend to breed from the bird. I have a month to find the lads a new home, so if anyone knows someone who would want to house an easy to handle rooster, drop me a line.

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