Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Baci!

My gorgeous baby girl turns five today and I can't believe how quickly the years have passed. It only feels like yesterday when I picked up this determined little fuzz ball from the Gold Coast. There has never been a dull moment since she arrived, so to celebrate I thought I would share with you some of my favourite images.

Baci is amazingly independent creature with a stubborn trip. I can recall as a 12 week old pup, I reprimanded her for climbing the stairs which would reduce most dogs to a quiver. But this tiny fuzz ball emitted a growl and continued. I had to install a sheet of laminated chipboard, until she decided climbing the stairs was painful and futile. Being my faithful kitchen companion, Baci is often underfoot and still back chats when I trip over her and rouse her from her sleep or a forging adventure!

Here is a photo of Baci at three months old, during the "ugly" puppy stage. All legs! You can see from the photos that Baci sports a Marilyn Monroe freckle on the side of her face.

This is one of my favourite photos Baci and she is six month old in this photograph. I shot this photo early in the morning, before taking her to the vet to be desexed. Needless to say she probably thought I was the worst Mother in the world, no breakfast and a vet trip!

This photo was taken by Ryan when Baci was two and a half years old. I think it captures her exuberance and spirit. Happiest of birthdays to my beautiful girl!

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