Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grub Street

Grub Street is the local Gaythorne foodie haunt and despite the playful name, it is not located on Grub Street but on Samford Road. Owner and Chef, Travis 'Stix' Grigg is passionate about using seasonal and ethical produce (they use RSPCA approved free range eggs and pork) and offers a creative menu. In fact the current breakfast menu features dishes such as Orange and vanilla risotto with roasted apple and rhubarb, Beetroot cured salom with horseradish creme fraiche and chopped egg on sourdough toast and Asian pulled pork omelette with chilli jam, herb salad and black vinegar dressing. So I packed up some of my nearest and dearest friends and set off on a quest to Grub Street.

We arrived early and after scoping out the dining room (it seats 20) and the back deck, we decided to sit at a large table on the side. Pictured above is Amy's Mushroom duxelle with truffled pecorino scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs seem easy to accomplish but I've had them served rubbery and watery more times that I care for. Bleh. But behold the wonderfully light and silky scrambled eggs.

Though I was sorely tempted the French toast with caramelised pear and wattle seed ice cream, I'm a savoury person in the morning and selected the Haloumi and Zuchinni fritters with poached eggs, spinach, za'atar and smoky eggplant. Though it sounds like a heavy meal, the smaller portion size and soft poached eggs made it amazing and extremely moreish.

But if you aren't tempted by the menu, then be sure to ask about the specials. This is Grub Street's Strawberry pancakes with blood orange icecream and chocolate. Is and Amy reported that the icecream was amazing. So while I'm quite happy to wax lyrical and sing the praises of Grub Street's offering ... I will say I left angry as we were bundled out the door within the hour. I understand the establishment has limited room (20 guests in the dining room and three tables outdoors), but to be asked within the hour to wrap up twice in an hour is poor front of house management. Weekend breakfast is more than just the food, it is also the experience of being able to spend time with friends. Grub Street could have resolved the issue in three ways:

  • Set expectations at the start by starting a weekend time limit.

  • Purchase more outdoor seating.

  • Ask politely if guests would be happy to move to a smaller table.

Though I'm still incredibly disenchanted by this, Grub Street is still worth a visit. Just be prepared to eat and quickly depart.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Address: 1/440 Samford Road, Gaythorne, QLD 4031.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday. 7am - 2pm.
Phone: (07) 3855 9580.
Price: Breakfast: $6 - $18. Lunch: $10 - $18.

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  1. If you liked those scrambled eggs you should check out Pourboy Espresso on Wharf St. I had a folded omelette with duxelle mushrooms, chevre and a salsa of olive and tomato, served on toasted sourdough. It was amazing.

  2. It's a shame that your visit to Grub Street ended earlier than you would have liked but I also think it's a little precious to be complaining if they ask you to leave after you've finished your meal and more diners are waiting for a table. In fact that smacks of selfishness. We'd all like to sit at Grub all day luxuriating in it's great food and welcoming atmosphere but its obvious that it's become extremely popular (especially on weekends) for a reason and alas we all have to share.
    I'm glad you liked the food. Maybe you can put your pettiness and obvious embarrassment aside and give it another go. I'm sure they'll welcome you back as long as you don't hog the table like you own it. Be nice, play fair and share.