Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Epic Rainbow Cake

A couple of weeks ago the amazingly talented Nikki posted her attempt at creating Whisk Kid's Super Epic Rainbow Cake. From the moment I saw this confection of beauty, I knew I had to make it. However don't be deceived by its apparent simplicity, the Super Epic Rainbow Cake requires a certain degree of zen. This article is designed to catalogue the tips and tricks I learnt along the way to prevent you from rearranging the word 'dessert' into 'stressed.'

The image above is the creamed butter and sugar. I would recommend using a mix master rather than a hand beater for this project.

After completing the original cake mixture you can move onto portioning the batter into separate bowls and dying it with gel food colouring. It is important that you use gels to gain the intensity of colour and you can purchase these from Wheel and Barrow or Matchbox. I would recommend using at least two spring form pans to complete this process and lining them so the sponge releases easily. It is also important to ensure the batter is perfectly smooth as the high level of sugar in this recipe cause the sponge to burn easily.

The most interesting part of the recipe is making the Swiss Meringue Cream. I've never made a butter cream over a double boiler and had some concerns that I was going to end up with sugary scrambled eggs, but if you go slowly the butter cream will come together and the same goes for the frosting.

So here it is! The finished cake photographed by the talented Mr Barlin. Happy birthday good Sir, I hope you liked the cake!

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