Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saint Valentine's Day

Macaroons and a range of truffles from Bittersweet - the Chocolate Boutique.

Saint Valentine's Day was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD and is the annual celebration of love and affection between two individuals bound together in a mutually exclusive partnership. One of my friends used to remark if you need one day a year to tell your partner that you love them, then there is something wrong with the relationship. However I think it's a still a lovely thing, so for all my gentlemen readers, Saint Valentine's Day is this coming Monday. So if you haven't organised something here are some quick ideas for you:
  • Bittersweet - the Chocolate Boutique: Founded by the late Ann Atkinson, Bittersweet is an amazing chocolate shop with a stunning range of premium hand-crafted chocolates, feather light macaroons and the odd cook book - chocolate themed of course. Bittersweet are offering free delivery within the Brisbane central district for orders over $35.

  • Black Pearl Cooking School: While the class for Valentine's Day is fully booked, Black Pearl offering love birds the chance to learn how to cook a range of cuisines. The Valentine's Day event was a hands on dessert workshop, which ranged from Rich Chocolate Pudding to a Chocolate and Strawberry Pannacotta. All the joy of cooking and no clean up. Keep it on your radar.

  • Cirque Du Soleil: So your partner has everything they could ever want? Well it's time to look into the realm of experiences and what could be better than a trip to Cirque Du Soleil? Saltimbanco is coming out to Australia, mid year.

  • Edible Blooms: Are flowers yesterday's news? These guys certainly think so and believe you should say it with cookies, chocolate or fruit. I'm a fan of their strawberry blooms. Just adorable and delicious.

  • Flowers by Jane: Still want to say it with flowers and reside in Brisbane? Then Jane from Flowers by Jane is your woman. Beautiful, fresh flowers, delivered on time.

  • Mecca Cosmetica: Food, fashion and beauty are all hedonistic pursuits, so is it any surprise that I also immensely approve of Mecca Cosmetica? I really like the Ren range of products and think Mecca's approach to marketing is fantastic.

There are still a number of other things you could do, but this is start. I still believe the number one thing you can do for you loved one is just write an old fashion love letter. Say it words, say it like you mean it and carry through with actions.

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