Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jan Power's Farmers Markets, Powerhouse

I just love produce markets, I love the quiet of the early morning drive, the cool breeze as you to stride towards a colourful world of possibility and passion of the stall holders. My favourite market to this day still is Jan Power's Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse and I thought I would share with you the results of this morning's fossick. Pictured above is Veal Ravioli and a container of Cream Mushroom Sauce by Capriccio. Capriccio is an Italian word meaning naughty or whimsical and cheeky. I have to say the first definition suits as the sauce is amazing, viscose due to the lack of eggs, but oh so full of flavour. It looks expensive with the ravioli is $10 and sauce is $9 but when $19 feeds three, it's not bad.

This gorgeous cake is a Plum, Raspberry and Custard Cake by Boutique Bites. Boutique Bites have the most amazing stand, from tiny morsels to giant raspberry lamingtons. I have a thing for their fruit based cakes and presented the above cake to my riding instructor.

However the Plum, Raspberry and Custard Cake isn't my favourite. My favourite is the Pear, Candied Rhubarb and Custard Cake and I would kill for the recipe.

Naturally I also picked up a number of fresh produce items and some lasagne sheets from Pasta Riviera for Cannelloni. It angers me immensely that Latina Fresh believe that consumers are too lazy to cut a lasagne sheet in half and market it as some kind of revelation.

Just to finish my entry, I would like to show you my market bag. It's a strong calico bag from the Fortitude Valley Dogstar store that folds into a neat package, so much easier to handle than one of those green shopping bags. I brought it before I went to Adelaide and if you ever get over there the Central Markets are another amazing market! I love Markets ... but I like what I cook with the produce even better. Stay tuned.

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