Friday, July 22, 2011


Yuppies, New Age Hipsters or Wankers as they are more colloquially called in Queensland often reside in small family units within the suburbs New Farm, Teneriffe and Bulimba. To ensure I successfully penetrated their inner sanctum I cast aside my suburban look and popped into The Deli, Bulimba on the way home. I absolutely adore the Jocelyn's Provisions Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti so I am going to burn in hell for making this comment. But ... I think I've found something better in Phillippa's Chocolate Hazelnut Orange Biscotti. They have a rich chocolate flavour, a generous amount of hazelnuts, a touch of orange and center that has a tiniest fraction of give. This gives this product an edge and pushes it into the category of amazing. If you are Biscotti mad, it's well worth braving Bulimba to purchase a packet.

I've been waiting a while to discuss In Season's Rosemary and Seasalt Baby Baguettes. These Baguettes look great on a cheese board and are wonderful crisp and savoury. However heed this warning, some cheeses are just too mild to be paired with this cracker (like the pictured Tarago River Gippsland Brie) so take this into consideration before purchasing.

My workplace is just full of lolly connoisseurs so I've seen almost every type of sweet available. I've recently encountered these darling miniatures and I'm just mad about them! I haven't seen Nerds in years but I just love their blatant honesty, in the age of organic each tiny packet declares itself as artificially flavoured. But if you are feeling more like chocolate you need to check out these Miniature Toblerone. Each bar is embossed, sectioned off into the classical Toblerone triangles and comes individually wrapped. I recommend waging a war for the white chocolate ones.

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