Monday, July 18, 2011

Cloverly Estate City Cellar Door

Despite being a restaurateur my Grandfather has never consumed a a drop of alcohol and my Mother started in her mid forties drinking a teaspoon of port in winter for health benefits. So my consumption of three alcoholic beverages in one night makes me the family alcoholic. It's taken me a while, but over the years I've really warmed to wine so I was terribly excited about my visit to Cloverly Estate's City Cellar Door. Cloverly Estate's City Cellar Door is conveniently located on Musgrave Road and offers guests onsite parking. But if you are lazy like me, just turn onto Enoggera Terrace, park on one of the many side streets and wander up the hill into a world of wood panelled charm.

Open 11am to 7pm, the space is warm, buttery and just channels country warmth and hospitality without the kitsch that so often accompanies these kinds of executions. There is a beautiful feature wall of framed sepia photography, a flat screen television with slowly rotating images and beautifully upholstered furniture. It's designed to bring the vineyard to the city, which is great for someone like me who lacks the time and inclination to drive for three hours to enjoy afternoon sun and a glass of fine wine.

We greeted at the door with a flute of Cloverly Estate NV Brut Reserve before we were seated at table full of glassware. We were then poured a taste of White Label 2010 Verdelho and Estate Reserve 2007 Chardonnay. As soon as I heard the word Chardonnay my mind instantly registered a note of disgust as I though might despise Chardonnay, I absolutely abhor wooded Chardonnay. But I'll admit now that the Estate Reserve 2007 Chardonnay is actually surprisingly pleasant and buttery. We enjoyed this wine over a gorgeous cheese platter and some salmon mousse served in savoury cones.

We then moved onto the reds: Left Field 2009 Nebbiolo and an Estate Reserve 2007 Cabernet. Nebbiolo is an intriguing beast, it looks and smells delicate like a Pinot Noir and then it just punches you in the face. It's the Thai Lady Boy of wine, but once you get past that initial surprise, you'll find it is rather charming. So what is pictured above? Top left (clockwise direction): Prawn Salsa Tarts, Chocolate Cream Tart, Prawn Twisters, Beetroot Arancini and Goats Curd and Mediterranean Vegetable Scone.

We finished the adventure with Cloverly Estate NV Sparkling Shiarz and Left Field 2010 Botrytis Semillon. Why oh why, was I driving? Cloverly Estate's wine is just gorgeous, the food is exceptional and space ... well I could have stayed a little longer if I didn't have a mad schedule. I do recommend a visit or two.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Address: 210 Musgrave Road, Red Hill, QLD 4059.
Open: 11am - 7pm. Tuesday - Saturday.
Phone: (07) 3876 3100.

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