Thursday, July 28, 2011

Era Bistro

It has taking me three years part time to complete my Masters Degree. That's 36 months, 1095.7266 days, 1577846.3 minutes or in my world, ages! So after the graduation ceremony, the family ambled from the Queensland Performing Arts Complex to Era Bistro. Era offers modern Australian cuisine in a contemporary setting and is split into two areas, casual cafe style dining or the fine dining restaurant. Though I would have loved to have stayed outside, we decided to selected the fine dining area and indulge in the Discovery Menu. The Discovery Menu is Era Bistro's disgustation and is updated monthly.

The July Discovery Menu opened with Seared Scallops, Duck Rillettes, Girolles, Asparagus and Chorizo Veloute. I found the amount of seasoning confronting initally but as my taste buds adjusted, I came to appreciate how harmous this dish was. I adored the texture of the Duck Rillettes and if I wasn't being polite I would have lifted the dish to my face and licked up the Veloute Sauce. Veloute Sauce is a French sauce and designated as one of the four "mother sauces" (along with Allemande, Bechamel and Espagnole) by Antonin Careme.

The next dish to follow was Pig Trotter with Chicken Mousse, Soft White Polenta, Apples, Bacon and Calvados Jus. Pork and apple is a classic combination but I appreciated Marcus Turner's bold decision to use a cheaper cut of meat. This cut is full of collagen and when it is well cooked the Trotter just melts away. I thought this dish was quite beautiful.

To cleanse the palate a small glass of peach sorbet was served. The peach flavour was evident and the sorbet had a balanced and natural sweetness.

Black Angus Beef Fillet, Spinach, Dauphinoise Potato with Red Wine Jus. This was a robust, comfort food dish. You would think that the Black Angus Beef Fillet was the star, but everyone at the table just loved the Dauphinoise Potato. Though you can never go wrong with cheese, cream and potato, there is something so dainty about dissecting the paper thin slices of potato.

I assumed that the next course would be served as a share plate, but it can individually plated. The Ashgrove Farm Cheddar (Tasmania) was mild and worked well with the Lavosh. Mind you I had no other choice as I had already enjoyed the French Buche D'Affinois Brie with Walnut Taste and a generous spread of Fig Chutney.

Era's dessert menu looks like a window into Heaven as it currently features:

  • Hot Apple and Apricot Strudel, Butterscotch Sauce and Cinnamon Ice

  • Strawberry Cream, Milk Crumbs, White Chocolate Sponge, Strawberries and Chantilly

  • Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, Biscotti and Chocolate Sorbet

  • Hot Banana and Chocolate Beignets, Honeycomb, Peanut Butter and Milk Sorbet

  • Upside Down Lemon Tart, Blackcurrent Coulis, Lime Curd and Meringue

  • Churros (Spanish Cinnamon Doughnuts) with Hot Chocolate Sauce

So I was slightly disappointed with July's choice of Chocolate Parfait, Cardomom Custard, Mandarin Puree, Cocoa and Citrus Glass. However the Chocolate Parfait was just so much lighter than I expected, once it melted in your mouth it was like mousse. Roll the parfait with cocoa crumbs and oh my goodness amazing! In fact the whole experience was just gorgeous, the Discovery Menu is $85 per person, or $130 with wine. Best enjoyed on a Saturday night, celebrating something special.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Address: 102 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, QLD 4101.
Open: Lunch, 7 days a week: 11:30am - 2:30pm. Dinner, Monday to Saturday: 5:30pm - 10:30pm.
Phone: (07) 3255 2033.
Price: Entree: $21 - $27, Main: $39 - $43, Dessert: $9 - $16.

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