Friday, May 20, 2011

Lasagne Vincisgrassi

The latest MasterChef Magazine has just arrived on newsstands and features the dreamy Adriano Zumbo on the cover. There are a number of recipes from Adriano Zumbo but I decided to have a good at the Lasagne Vincisgrassi recipe. Here is 20g of porcini mushrooms soaking in 250ml of boiling water. After they were soft, I drained mushrooms, finely chopped them before putting them into a large bowl. I also reserved the liquid.

500g field mushrooms (stalks removed) and 500g swiss brown mushrooms thinly sliced.

After sauteing the mushrooms, I added them to the large bowl containing the finely chopped porcini. I then chopped 60g prosciutto, 50g truffle paste and 3/4 cup of chopped flat leaf parsley. I then set the oven at 180C and turned my attention to the white sauce. The white sauce was made in two parts. In one pan add 750ml milk, 250ml cream, 1/2 cup of porcini liquid, 1 bay lead and 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg. Bring to almost a boil on medium heat. In another pan melt 100g butter and 100g plain flour. Cook until grainy. When both items are ready, gradually whisk the milk mixture in and it will soon thicken. Cook the sauce for another 5 minutes or until it thickens. Pour half the sauce into the mushroom mixture and reserve the rest.

In a lightly greased rectangular baking dish, coat the base with white sauce and then lay a lasagne sheet on top. Layer half the mushroom mixture, add 25g grated parmesan, lay another a lasagne sheet, the rest of the mushroom mixture and add another 25g grated parmesan.

Finally top with a lasagne sheet, the remaining white sauce and a layer of parmesan. Cook in the oven for an hour or until golden.

Cool for ten minutes before slicing and you can then tuck into your gorgeous piece of Lasagne Vincisgrassi.

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