Friday, February 24, 2012

Toby's Estate

The mood was dark and the heavy rain was blowing sideways as I staggered through the Queen Street Mall in a desperate bid to avoid supermarket tea. T2 and the Tea Centre weren't open, but Toby's Estate was and on a shelf in front of a counter sits a range of loose leaf available in attractive metal tins or silk pyramid tea bags. I triumphantly clutched my Toby's Breakfast Blend (a combination of Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and China Keemun leads), paid for it and started to dash out the door when a staff member thrust a card into my hands for a free coffee.

So that's my epic story of my obsession with tea and how I managed to score a free coffee before my morning catch up with Sam. Toby's Estate was originally suggested by Sam and I was keen to try it as Sam is quite canny about these things, being a keen cook and connoisseur.

The Toby's Estate began over 10 years ago out of one man's garage and you guessed it, his name is Toby. From those humble beginnings, Toby's Estate has now grown into a national empire supplying beans and servicing the caffeine depend with its own chain of cafes. Toby's Estate Brisbane discreetly popped up in November and has become a favourite of addicts travelling the migratory path between the Queen Street Mall and the Queensland University of Technology. The interior is modern, comfortable and no fuss much like the food.

This particular morning Sam purchased a bagel with cream cheese and I selected a ham and cheese croissant. No whinges from me, as I couldn't fault a hot meal, with melted cheese and garnished with hunger. But it was really the coffee that was the star, velvet consistency with a distinct and noticable bean. I enjoyed my Toby's Estate experience so if you're heading that way, do stop in for a coffee or grab a tin of tea.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Address: 79 Albert Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000.
Open: Monday to Friday, Breakfast and Lunch.
Phone: 1300 679 750.

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