Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scuzi Caffe

Scuzi Caffe is the Westfield Chermside cafe formerly known as Bada Bing, serving breakfast, Italian cuisine and Merlo coffee. The name change hasn't affected the cafe greatly with the same menu, wide open spaces and some light cosmetic changes to the entrance. The lovely Isadora and Kanani decided to order the Zucchini Fritters and were extremely pleased with the concept of haloumi, mushrooms and zucchini fritters being served in the one dish. I should also mention the photographs are courtesy of Isadora's iPhone 4 as I was neglected to take my camera and the new iPhone's camera is clearly superior to my own, grubby iPhone 3.

I decided to order Fettuccine Boscaiola which was the perfect portion size for the rich sauce. It was a satisfying dish but probably a little too heavy for my personal palette as I am inclined to select a lighter style cream sauce such as the pastas served at Otellos on Oxford Street. Scuzi is an unoffensive main stream offering but misses the mark of offering the Northside the standard you would find in Rosalie or Bulimba. However it is a start.

Rating: 3/5
Address: Parkland Pavilion, Westfield Chermside, 395 Hamilton Road.
Open: Monday-Friday 8am until late. Saturday and Sunday 7:30am until late.

Phone: (07) 3359 6693
Price: Entree: $4.50 - $12. Main: $14.90 - $27.90. Dessert: $7.90 - $14.90.

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