Monday, January 17, 2011

Baked Relief

Queensland has always been a deeply parochial state. We love our outdoors lifestyle, our farm to table food culture, how we blow raspberries at other states by stubbornly rejecting the concept of Daylight Savings and the list goes on. But in the last few days Queensland has been faced unimaginable adversity with three quarters of this fair state being declared as a disaster zone. Brisbane's inner city was executed, public transport ground to a halt and supermarkets stripped bare in a spree of panic buying. We watched as scenes of destruction swept across the mass media and felt the suffering of the tiny township of Grantham. A town of approximately 370, flattened with only one surviving street.

However despite all this, there have been some amazing stories, with Brisbane being inundated with offers of help and the wonderful Baked Relief Movement. Baked Relief is feeding flood affected and volunteers across the state and first caught my attention when Renee of the Pantry Review's Tweet popped into my feed. You can find out more about Baked Relief here or if short on time donate to the Premier's Flood Appeal. Every little bit counts!

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