Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eats Food, Hates You

For Jo the search of fine cuisine and the art of cooking was ingrained before birth. Born into a family of Chefs, she spent the greater part of her childhood in a kitchen and by age five knew chiming, "da har mei" (Cantonese for 'Big Prawn" as she was too young to know the word for Lobster) would yield an exquisite meal. By age ten she was already baking on her own but was encouraged to study hard and choose a career away from the kitchen.

Jo currently works in Marketing and in her spare time enjoys horse riding, training her delinquent Border Collie - Baci, cross stitching, studying and naturally cooking. The name, 'Eats Food, Hates You," is designed to be provocative and acknowledges the author's cantankerous nature. Jo hopes reading this blog will be akin an evening fueled by Vodka. Harmless at first and suddenly you will wake up somewhere unfamiliar ... preferably some kind of delicious patisserie or in your kitchen inspired to cook!

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