Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She's Got Issues

As my co-workers can tell you, I have number of quirks and one involves the problem of assigning emotion to food. My latest challenges include the disturbing suicidal Cadbury Creme Egg Advertisements (please call Lifeline and get help Creme Eggs, please don't waste your life! I know there are people who love you and wait every year for you, I know my brother does) and the Arnott's Teddy Bear.

What could be so disturbing about a waving Teddy Bear biscuit you ask? Well have you ever seen them caged in a clear biscuit jar, with their little paw raised, desperately asking to be released? They watch every single staff member come into the kitchen, never knowing when the will be separated from their pack and munched up. Unfortunately you can't free them as they would be a waste of food, but I instead recommend shielding the Teddy Bears from their impending doom by facing them towards the wall. Be humane, be kind and perhaps somewhat silly as life is just too short. It is for the Teddies :(

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