Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ode to the Oreo

Produced since 1912 by Nabiso, the Oreo is a biscuit comprising of cream sandwiched by two dense chocolate discs. It is universally loved and at one stage held the record for the post with the most 'likes' on Facebook before rapper Lil Wayne came along and crushed the Oreo's dream. To celebrate the Oreo's valiant attempt, I want to look into the mythos around this biscuit:

  • Rumour has it is that Carnivals across the United States of America offer deep fried Oreos. At the time I couldn't understand it as the biscuit is already crisp and consider burnt cocoa as one of the worst tastes in the world. But it would seem that I am wrong as one blogger described the experience: "The Oreo loses it's hard crunchy texture and becomes a warm chocolately cake delight. The creamy center melts and creates an inner glaze."

  • In 2007 Domino's offer an unforgiving public the Oreo Pizza. This comprised of a thin pizza base, icing and Oreo crumbs. I have tried to improve the concept in my head but any attempt always ends up with me removing the pizza component ... which defeats the purpose of an Oreo Pizza. To me the Oreo Pizza is like that mythical product, 'Toast on a Stick.' It's really hard to improve on the original, so just shut up and eat your Oreo.

  • To successfully conquer the Chinese market, Oreos reduced the among of sugar and introduced the Oreo Wafer. Australian Oreos come from China and as a result I'm left wondering if Oreos look and taste any different in the United States of America. Drop me a line if you have the answer.

  • Oreos come a variety of flavours and styles. Check them out of the Oreo wiki page.

That concludes my fact finding mission on Oreos and I think I'll have one for morning tea to increase today's world wide consumption of Oreos to twenty million, five hundred thousand and one biscuits.

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