Thursday, April 7, 2011

Siana Valley

Beautifully appointed and spanning two spacious levels is Siana Valley. This restaurant/bar offers its patrons everything from Dim Sum, Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisine. The main strength of Asian cuisine comes from its simplicity and relies heavily on freshness of its ingredients. However having such a broad offering is fraught with danger and I was decidedly dubious about Siana Valley's ability to deliver. Though the staff are friendly and attentive, I decided to put the kitchen to the test by ordering the Nigiri Platter. $15 brought me a six pieces of tuna, salmon and kingfish nigiri sushi. The tuna and salmon wasn't presented at its best and the metallic taste shone through despite the chef's attempt to disguise it with copious amounts of wasabi. However the kingfish was completely inedible with its unsavoury colour and tough chewy texture. Siana Valley is beautiful and would make a fantastic after work, drinks location. But if you are looking for sushi, I would strongly suggest aborting your mission to Siana Valley as you will be left hungry and your craving unfulfilled.

Rating: 2.5 out 5.
Address: 512 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006.
Open: 7 days a week. 12 noon until late.
Phone: (07) 3252 9960.
Price: From $8.

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  1. I had heard that Siana served nice cocktails, but good quality food is also very important to me...This seems like a no go for me. Thanks for posting! :-)

  2. Not sure if you want me to post something like this on your blog but...I have never had good service at Siana Vally, which is a shame considering how nice the ambience is.

  3. Hey Lindsey. It's all about freedom of speech here so feel free to voice away. :)