Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mazet de Montargis Gull's Egg

Ever since I was born, I've always been a hedonistic soul. I like the way things look, feel, smell and taste so it isn't surprising that I was attracted to these gorgeous Gull Easter Eggs by Mazet de Montargis. Mazet de Montargis is a French chocolate company founded by a gentleman named Leo Mazet 107 years ago. The company today makes a range of confectionery including their famous Prasline Mazet de Montargis (an almond toffee). I'm yet to try their Prasline Mazet de Montargis, but if it's anywhere as fantastic as their Gull Easter Eggs you won't be disappointed. These eggs are just beautiful with a thin, crisp candy shell, flecked to mimic the speckled perfection of a gull's egg. It seems almost a pity to break through the shell but when you do, you are rewarded with a soft balanced hazelnut ganche. Heavenly! To experience it for yourself pop down to Black Pearl Epicure or pick them up online from Simon Johnson.


  1. I discovered these at Black Pearl when in Brisbane but not very convenient when I live in Melbourne so tracked them down when home as they are amazing!! Got first lot from SJ at Chaddy but you can also get them online from (a little cheaper than SJ!)