Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Caramelised Apple Crepes

Some children can be described as academic, others sporty or musical. I have always been an average Jo and in order to achieve anything need to spend time slowly absorbing and refining the required knowledge/skill set. I'm still working on my crepes, so today I made Caramelised Apple Crepes. I made the caramelised apple filling with:
  • three granny smith apples (peeled and diced),
  • three table spoons of caster sugar,
  • 20g of butter,
  • Cinnamon.

I then popped the apple, sugar and butter into a fry pan to cook and continued to add a drizzle of water as the apple cooked the Carmel had reduced. Once the apple had cooked, I mixed through the Cinnamon and started work on the crepes. Delicious.

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