Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ruby Cafe

After I dropped my bake off submission off to the Brisbane Arts Theatre I headed to Paddington to catch up with Miss Sarah. We had planned to have brunch at the ever popular Anouk but alas they were closed, so a short stroll up the road brought us to the recently opened Ruby Cafe. Ruby Cafe is adorable addition to the suburb with its red and white candy strip awning, bird themed wall paper and a menu featuring many fresh tasty items that won't break the budget.
The photograph above is Sarah's breakfast consisting of poached eggs on toasted sourdough and a side order of bacon. Miss Sarah confirmed that it was good but she was having suffering food envy from my simple but tasty breakfast. It was the perfect thing to enjoy with the hot summer's day and peerless blue sky.
Here is the subject of food envy: watercress, chevre, lemon on toasted sourdough. Such a simple but effective combination and I was pleased to find that the sourdough was pliable. I will alert you to the potential hazard of watercress as it has a tendency to escape so perhaps not the right selection if you are trying to impress someone. Like the meal, Ruby Cafe is simple, warm and familiar but extremely satisfying. Definitely worth another visit for breakfast or for lunch.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Address: 233 Given Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4064.
Open: Breakfast and Lunch.
Phone: (07) 3369 5256.

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  1. I don't understand cress.

    Is there a reason you didn't go to Eurovida? I have quite enjoyed their breakfast, although their coffee isn't really my think (I should hit Eurovida for breakfast and then roll down the hill to Bunker).

  2. Eurovida's menu did look amazing but Sarah and I are girls and the bird wallpaper's novelty sucked us in. I'll have to check out Eurovida soon.