Monday, August 8, 2011

Strawberry Fields

There are few luxuries when you are a poor university student but if I had to open the store on a dark Winter's morning, I would always pop down to the Eagle Street Markets and pick up a big punnet of fresh strawberries. That would be my breakfast, lunch and occasionally dinner for the day and I was happy.

But the only thing that beats eating fresh strawberries is actually going out to a farm and picking them yourself. So on the way home from Maleny, we made the snap decision to stop off at Batavia Berries (9 Kings Road, Glasshouse Mountains) and pick up a couple of kilos. The cost is $10 a kilo which is cheaper than current market price and you know every berry is perfect. There is also a beautiful sense of satisfaction you get from picking your own as you breathe in the cool air and enjoying the sound of dry leaves and red dirt under foot.

The Queensland strawberry season is currently at its peak and runs until October, so now is the time to explore one of the two hundred strawberry farms across the state. If you can't get to Batavia Berries, then this handy directory offers some alternative locations.

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  1. Ahhh beautiful strawberries! The perfect time to stock up and make strawberry ice cream.. mmmm! :)