Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Attachment: Ruby Cafe June 2012 Menu

Please note this article was last updated Tuesday, June 5 and is an attachment to my January 2012 review of Ruby Cafe

Ruby Cafe has a new menu for June and Spensley and I, are eager to work our way through all the delicious combinations which capture the best of the season. I must say I had breakfast envy when Spensley's choice of salmon, baked eggs, caramelised leaks arrived. The gorgeous were generous and they were served with crusty sourdough. 

My dish also came with crusty sourdough but I admit the gamble of Breakfast Peas did not pay off. I love peas but admit I was tad disappointed to find the dish was a bowl of frozen peas with mint and batons of speck, topped with an egg. Perhaps Gourmet Traveller has spoilt me, but I had visions of pureed peas and mint, spread over crusty bread, with a poached egg and generous waves of crispy bacon of crumbled speck. The flavour combination has potential but you shouldn't have to chase your breakfast with a fork at 6.30am!

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