Thursday, April 25, 2013

Red Robin Supper Club Presents Brunch

The Red Robin Supper Club (RRSC) is a social media success story with more than 900 hungry Facebook followers watching eagle eyed for Rory Doyle's next pop up service. Necessity is the mother of invention and when Rory found himself in the midst of the global financial crisis and with the end of his apprenticeship fast approaching he struck upon the idea of hiring an existing restaurant and opening it on a night when it wasn't usually open to serve his own unique menu. 

Genius stuff as not only do you build your profile as a chef, you know exactly how many tables you're serving but provide your customers with a unique experience. In the weeks leading up to an event Rory will set a date, release menu tib bits to keep you salivating before opening email reservations on a designated date and time. From there you draft your email, fire it off at 6pm on the dot, stand on one leg, sacrifice a small animal to whatever heathen Food God you pray to and hope for the best. Despite being on the other side of the world, for the first time ever I was successful in getting a booking, I was elated!  

So on Sunday, April 14 Spensley and I set out across town for La Finestra at Camp Hill. We ensured that we had the appropriate amount to grab coffee from another store in the enclave as we were briefed earlier that alas the coffee machine would not be repaired in time. We forced ourselves past the girls at L'Miao Bakery, who were setting up their pop up stand, and were briskly seated by the front of house staff. Spensley picked the kale sauteed with chilli and garlic, crispy chorizo, eggs how you like them served on thick pieces of toasted sourdough. It looked absolutely amazing but I was looking for something a little milder and opted for the Crab Cake Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich.

Crab Cake Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich
The buttermilk biscuit was layered with rocket, sliced tomato, topped with the fried crab cake and a generous blob of zesty mayo. I could use a more aesthetically pleasing word like dab or quinelle but no it was a blob and it was completely necessary for tying the dish together. The buttermilk biscuit was beautifully light, slightly sweet and worked well with the fresh ingredients but the mayo gave the dish the moisture that you needed to work your way through it. It was gorgeous and we left completely full. But we couldn't come all this way without a piece of L'Miao Bakery. 

Nutella Crack Pie
Somehow in my haste I had missed the message on Facebook that the girls were taking pre-orders and was completely devastated to find the Pear and Honey Cake had sold out so instead opted to purchase a few pieces of the much-hyped Nutella Crack Pie. Crack Pie often sports an oat cookie crust which gives balances our the sweetness and the L'Miao offering is no different. Intense nutella flavour without being sickeningly sweet. L'Miao also specialises in gluten free and vegan treats so keep an eye out for their next pop up spot. It was an excellent morning so I highly recommend liking the RRSC and L'Miao Facebook Page and staying alert to ensure you can get onboard for the next pop up event. 


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