Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smidgins: Aja Coffeehouse $10 Sweet Treats

So after our Kodoya adventure, we all decided it was time to sniff out some dessert so we decided to head back to the stylishly dark, Aja Coffeehouse (we stumbled across this venue on our last adventure). When we arrived there was a sign outside advertising three desserts for $10, how convenient we thought as we placed the order. As the minutes started ticking away we started to wonder how long it took to put a biscuit on a plate, but we well and truly shut up when these three works of stunning art appeared. Above is the meringue finished with passionfruit, chocolate and fresh strawberries.  

Beautifully crisp and dense shortbread with strawberries and cream. Garnished with delicate mint leaves.

The final piece we selected with this orange and almond cake. A little more dense than the others, but again beautifully presented. There were a couple more options on the menu but this was truly bang for the dollar and a great way to finish up a Friday night in the city. So make the time to suppose this new Elizabeth Arcade establishment which opens Monday to Thursday (7am - 4pm) and Friday (7am - 9pm). I've already decided to return for dinner, so will be back with a review soon.

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  1. 3 desserts for $10! what a deal... have passed by this place before will have to stop in there